Stars Misaligned EP

by Enigma

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AEMERY thumbnail
AEMERY yeah this is sick..thats all you have to say
of vile and bliss is utopian great song! or should i say whatever the opposite of utopian is? lol Favorite track: Of Vile and Bliss.
Brett MacIntosh
Brett MacIntosh thumbnail
Brett MacIntosh CD upgrade!
Top 3 EPs of this year for sure.
Virtuoso level guitar work? and vocals that emond me of a mox between The Black Dahlia Murder and The End Of All Reason.
Can't wait to hear what theae guys have in store next!
aRkedos thumbnail
aRkedos This EP makes me wish that Necrophagist would have released a third album.

This is beautiful tech-death, far away from any fretboard-wankery. Favorite track: Of Vile and Bliss.
juppys thumbnail
juppys This EP is great. I can't wait to see what this band does with a full-length album! I love their vocalist, and their philosophical lyrics. This is some fine tech death. Favorite track: Of Vile and Bliss.
Jan Hendrik Hansen
Jan Hendrik Hansen thumbnail
Jan Hendrik Hansen My favorite tech death release of the year. And there have been some pretty fantastic ones. But this little EP crushes them all Favorite track: Enigmatic Species.
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ENIGMA's debut EP 'Stars Misaligned', recorded with renowned producer Zack Ohren (Fallujah, All Shall Perish, etc), is a powerful work of precision and energy. Pairing Necrophagist-esque melodic sensibilities with the ferocity of modern extreme metal, 'Stars Misaligned' is a five-track journey through mesmerizing, pulverizing songcraft, and is sure to establish ENIGMA as one of the most promising up-and-coming bands in death metal. #SiliconValleyTechDeath


released July 22, 2016

Produced by Zack Ohren and Byron Leon

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren at Sharkbite Studios, Oakland, CA


all rights reserved



Enigma San Jose, California


Petr Oplatka - vocals, Ryan McNatt - guitar, Byron Leon - guitar, Dan Saltzman - bass, Harley Blandford - drums

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Track Name: Stars Misaligned
I stare into the night; gazing at the moonlight. It had always felt the same but tonight, it does not look right. The stars seem to have formed asterisms in shapes beyond my perception; leaving me to wonder, Is it me or are my eyes being deceived?

I cannot comprehend this phenomenon before my eyes: The spheres in the sky are shifting; becoming misaligned.

I question my vision, for it leaves me in awe when I think of how what I see before me had formed from a state of mere nothingness.

I cannot comprehend this phenomenon before my eyes: The spheres in the sky are shifting; becoming misaligned. I simply can't explain these patterns that I observe: These luminous lights show me something that I wouldn't have realized.

As I see beyond the dark horizon, my mind slips into a state of curiosity about whether or not these stars bear any meaning to my life's purpose. I must now seek to fill this void inside my head to determine how these constellations affect my reality.

The more I stare into the night, the less I am satisfied. I look to the Sun for an answer but the more that I stare, the more that I blind my eyes.

My passion fuels me to grasp and to understand a buried connection to the universe and my existence, but to discover this link implies that my discovery is inevitable; this now, I realize.

So here I lay with my eyes fixated to the myriad of spheres in the sky. It is here that I discover that my eyes widen to my mind beginning to narrow.
Track Name: Of Vile and Bliss
Here's something to keep you awake; something to ponder. I present this question to you to think about carefully: Without acknowledgement of the vile, under what basis does one have to compare to bliss? The same goes the other way.

It is inevitable that you will be wrong in the eyes of others.

Forever it seems that humanity gets caught up in trying to distinguish deeds from sin, yet they fail to realize that the only thing they have to justify their judgment is their biases.

For one person, it may be preferable to spare the lives of others for their own self-preservation. For another, it may bring satisfaction to drag others down into despair.

I'm sorry to break this to you. Horrific and obscene it may seem, I can tell you this: It doesn't matter anyway.

The reality is that we can't truly say one person or another has the moral compass. Yet the only thing we really have left to guide us is our perception synchronized to our flesh and mind.

The strive for transcendental meaning breaks down when metaphysical ideas conflict. The nonexistence of the metaphysical is the reason why it doesn't matter in the end. The universe will still revolve without you, no matter the degree to which you can deny this truth.
Track Name: Enigmatic Species
Embryos evolving into psychotic, sociopathological beings of destruction while the rest of humanity devolves into decay. Pestilent viruses beneath the flesh, they consume everything that comes to cross their path. Slowly, the end of the world is impendent.

Have you ever looked at humanity and wondered about how it could seem that they come across as senseless creatures? Maybe it could be that in their minds, they hold unsympathetic feelings towards everyone around them for their own self-interests.

They disguise ill feat through euphemisms aimed their fellow man. Their words are merely self-gratification.

I find no difference between man and the rest of the biosphere but behold ourselves atop only due to our desire… desire to dominate!

Our collective mortality keeps on getting stronger by the day because of our instinctual inclinations to survive our habitat, but with each day we grow an unsettling understanding of humanity. In return, our tolerance weakens.

I find no difference between man and the rest of the biosphere but behold ourselves atop only due to our desire… desire to dominate! We are a confusing species to comprehend because there is more to us aside from the blood flowing through our veins.

As I mark these words about my views on humanity, I must understand that my body and mind bears a resemblance to that of the species that I disgrace. I've now begun to realize the denial of my own significance.

With this realization of my thoughts, I conclude this life no longer bears any meaning. Seeing now that I am among those I despise, it is vital that I must take this life.
Track Name: The Circus of the Collective
The hidden flaw of man is his insatiable desire to dominate though he can only feel complete when everybody sees what he sees.

From this dependence, mankind gains weakness; sickening from a lack of progress. It feeds off the instability of the weaker through manipulation, fears and lies. The collective abide.

What one man accomplishes alone becomes envy of the frail. The feeble aim to deprive him of this ambition. It is this insubordination of the individual that agitates society's strive for the preservation of its normalcy... as if it lingered.

The herd casts a veil that everyone is all one in the same, but this could never be further from the truth. It is this myth that the weaker grasps in desperation to justify the denial of profit.

The depth of humanity's adversity entrenches beyond abysmal scales when it grasps on mirages of promises. Society falls while the collective dances to the waltz in synchronized formation; tethered to chains welded with lies.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Step right up! We welcome you this glorious evening to witness the degradation of our fellow man. Seven billion performers will show you what you won't see elsewhere! I bring to you, the human sheep!”
Track Name: Demise of Autonomy
My mind convinced me to believe that I am at liberty to control the path to my own destiny. Through my ambition, I strived to create a world where I would reign upon all that lies in front of me.

But my cognition barricades my understanding that my decisions are a product of what surrounds me. So I bear witness to the consequence of my reactions towards what is standing right before me.

My curiosity leaves me yearning for comprehension of my true self and retention of my identity. My perception of the universe holds no explanation for the veil I vaguely see.

But my cognition barricades my understanding that my decisions are a product of what surrounds me. So I bear witness to the consequence of my reactions towards what is standing right before me.

Asserting the demise of my autonomy is the realization of my inability to control my reflection, my fate, and what remains.

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